Wedding Gown Maintenance Tips



Bridal fashion has actually been through a remarkable change for many years– it was only in the 19th century that white gowns even became a thing after trendsetter Queen Victoria sported an ivory lace dress to wed prince Prince Albert in 1840. Wedding gowns can become timeless pieces that get passed down from moms to daughters, or even granddaughters in some cases, with a little love and TLC.


The gown from your wedding has implied that you treasure, so you may wish to preserve it for the future or keep it kept as a treasure that you can provide to your children. However, you can’t simply hang your dress in the back of the closet and anticipate it to keep its appeal over the years.


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Clean It Before Your Big day


If you’re wearing a wedding event dress that’s currently an heirloom or if you have picked a second-hand gown, you might need to have your gown dry cleaned up in advance of your wedding day. Look for a location that specifically provides wedding event gown cleansing, such as McMahan Cleaners in Denver.


Even if you have actually bought your gown new, it can collect dirt and spots in the short time leading up to the wedding. Between developing and sewing the gown, making modifications, keeping and managing the gown, the delicate white material can collect even the smallest specks of dirt. The seamstress will use care when working on your wedding event dress, however anytime the gown is handled it is at risk for getting new spots. If you’re using a utilized gown, bought from a consignment shop, a good friend’s gown, or a household heirloom like your mom or granny’s dress, you’ll wish to take extra care to clean your dress for the wedding. If the gown was not appropriately cleaned and protected prior to it was saved, hidden spots might have appeared and require thorough cleaning and treatment to remove. Particular materials can likewise take on a yellow hue as they age, so ask a cleansing expert like the ones at Green Care Cleaners if that can be fixed in the cleansing procedure.


A wedding event gown is a keepsake. If you were simply wed, you’ll want to tidy and protect your gown. If you were married years earlier, you might want to clean and restore your dress.



Clean It After Your Special Day


Wedding Gown Conservation by MyDressBox Dress Cleaning has you covered on that front– simply select your plan, ship your gown and we’ll take care of the rest. Having your dress expertly protected also suggests that you can pass it down to somebody else– saving them the expense (both financial and eco-friendly) of purchasing a brand name brand-new dress.


Brides often wish to protect their gown as a memento, especially if the dress is an heirloom. We advise having your gown cleaned as soon after the wedding as possible.

The gown might have undetectable stains from food, drinks, and body oils. The majority of wedding dress consists of ornamental trim. It is crucial to examine these trims with your cleaner prior to cleaning given that some might not endure the fine dry cleaning process.