Activities To Do In Shepparton


In case you’re searching for a picturesque end of the week drive holiday idea or you’ve been keen on investigating provincial Victoria, why not find what Shepparton has to bring to the table? 

Here are a few things to do in Shepparton

Victoria Park Lake 

One of numerous incredible things about Shepparton’s cityscape is the presence of this open waterway directly on the east bank of the Goulburm River. 

At first, Victoria Park Lake was a blend of swampland and grazing, until the start of the twentieth century when it turned into a public park named for Queen Victoria. 

The lake was adapted for recreation during the 1920s and on its lush, green banks you can inhale the outside air, walk and cycle among the river red gums, and glimpse the abundant birdlife, from pelicans to ducks. 

There are enticing shaded lawns for picnics, and on the off chance that you wait late in the day, you’ll be wowed by ravishing nightfall over the lake. 

On Saturday mornings, this is the scene for the Shepparton Park Run, and there’s a schedule of events on these shores the entire year. 

Victoria Park Lake

Furphy Museum 

Furphy has been working in Shepparton since 1864 yet it was in WWI that the Furphy Water Cart, a water barrel mounted on a horse-drawn cart, came into prestige. The Furphy Museum is committed not exclusively to its namesake water cart but shows the 150-year history of the organization which has advanced from a smithy and wheelwright into the top-notch and award-winning engineering business it is today. 

Moooving Art 

Greater Shepparton’s Moooving Art Cows are a notorious piece of the Greater Shepparton scene. Dispersed all throughout the region, Moooving Art is an ever-changing public art show utilizing a one of a kind canvas – 3D life-sized cows! 


Splash central for grown-ups and kids.

The spot to go for fun and wellness, Aquamoves offers indoor and open-air pools, a completely equipped fitness center, water rides, and an all-abilities splash park. 

Shepparton Art Museum (SAM) 

One of the top regional art museums in Australia is in Shepparton. 

This was established in 1936 and disclosed award-winning designs for an electrifying new, environmentally-friendly structure in 2017. At the point when we composed this article in April 2020, work was scheduled to be finished by 2021. SAM stays open to general society, barring a Covid closure, introducing a collection that has been increased over 80 years. 

For 50 of these, the museum has spent significant time in local and global ceramics, crossing a few hundred years and including contemporary indigenous pottery. 

As well as choices from this significant collection, there will be up to seven exhibitions going on while you visit, while SAM additionally curates a vivacious timetable of projects and events. 

Shepparton Motor Museum 

Vehicle fans this is the spot for you. The museum’s routinely rotating exhibits of over 100 vehicles including classic, legacy, and muscle cars, motorcycles, and vintage bikes. Additionally in plain view are petroleum memorabilia, signage, and different artifacts applicable to the historical backdrop of motoring. 

Chocolate Apple Factory 

Found roughly 10kms east of the Shepparton CBD is Valley Fruit Products P/L, one of the numerous family-run Orchards in the Goulburn Valley… 

Farmer’s Markets 

Fresh food directly from the farm.

Held month to month in Shepparton and neighboring towns around the Goulburn Valley, appreciate shopping for fresh nearby produce at farm-door costs. 


Shepparton is just 190kms and around 2 hours’ drive from the Melbourne CBD along the Hume Freeway. It’s effectively available for a memorable and fun end of the week.







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