The History of the Le Specs Sunglasses

When French fashion designer Adam Selman created a series of sunglasses called The Last Lolita, a pair of stylish sunglasses called The Le Specs was released to the public. Rihanna wore these sunglasses when performing on stage. While there have been no official reports that she is wearing these sunglasses to cover up her eyes, some speculate that it may have been a good choice of footwear. She has also been spotted wearing this style of designer sunglasses in photos that are taken at her home. This article will look at the history of the Le Specs and why people love wearing them.

Le Specs Sunglasses

The origins of the Le Specs began in the early 1990’s when the brand was founded by designer Adam Selman. Initially he was not satisfied with the quality of eyewear available to consumers, so he set out to create his own version. He was inspired to create this high quality product after seeing people at the New York Fashion Institute wearing glasses designed by none other than Ray Ban. With the name and the unique appearance of the glasses, Selman was able to attract attention for his vision.

People who wear these sunglasses are typically younger males. The original goal of the Le Specs brand was to provide a high quality pair of designer eyeglasses that were affordable and that still provided a great fashion statement. As the name suggests, these sunglasses are all about style. This is why you will often see these sunglasses worn by people in Hollywood.






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