All About Orthotic Thongs

The invention of orthotic thongs Australia came about in the early 1990s. Originally designed for dancers who needed to be able to easily change the length of their leg after a routine performance, these was actually quite popular with male dancers. They are made from materials such as nylon, rubber and leather to give the wearer a more comfortable fit while performing their routines. Thongs also help women and men with foot problems such as corns, calluses, or ingrown hairs by relieving pressure on the sensitive areas of the foot. Because they are designed to be worn under trousers, they can also be worn with tight jeans.

Orthotic Thongs

orthotic thongs australia

The first things to arrive in Australia were designed by a group of people who were inspired by the work of Dr. Arnold K. Kornmehl, a world-renowned podiatrist. In his studies he had helped patients with chronic pain, and he became fascinated by the feet and legs of animals and insects. After studying plant anatomy and physiology, he conceptualized of an orthotic that would provide the wearer with comfort and help protect the lower body. He hoped that his discovery would help people not only with pain but also with other health issues. In order to test this theory, he brought several pairs of his new invention into his office. The patients, who ranged from athletes to injured soldiers, all took pleasure in wearing this comfortable footwear.

In recent years, orthotic thongs for both men and women have become extremely popular among people who prefer styles and designs that don’t go out of style. Not only are they extremely comfortable, many of them have features that make them more functional than simply fashionable. Popular thongs for men include the Kustom Body Control Thong, which has a curved outline that provides men with an ultra-comfortable fit.

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