Daycare Harvey Bay – Perth Australia

daycare hervey bay

 Daycare hervey bay, Perth Australia offers a wide variety of benefits to families. In this region of Western Australia, there are over 100 public and private daycare centres. Many of the private daycare centres have their own in-house specialists who offer childcare services to families, while most of the public daycare centres rely on external staff to provide child care services. The services include baby and toddler care, preschool services, group and private lessons, and sports and recreational programs.

How to Daycare Harvey Bay

The Hervey Bay Daycare Centre is managed by Inspire Daycare, which is an approved member of the Western Australian Health and Medical Association and the Care Services Association of Western Australia (CSWA). The centre is approved to provide infant and toddler care, preschool services, group and private lessons, and a few therapeutic classes for cognitive and emotional development. Other services include art and crafts, music and movement therapy, family Centres for Support, after school program, sports and fitness programs, and foreign language classes. Daycare providers can be chosen from a pool of applicants provided by the centre.

In addition to daycare services, the centre offers educational and extracurricular programs for parents who would rather not attend regular classes at the centre. This includes laptop training, computer-based learning, arts and crafts, foreign language learning, music and movement, and sports and fitness programs. The centre also offers after-school programs for students in kindergarten, primary school, and secondary school. Furthermore, the centre offers after-school programs to families with children aged four and older.

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