Boxing is a full-contact combat sport in which two competitors wearing protective gloves throw punches at each other for a predetermined amount of time. Boxing is supervised by a referee over a series of between one to three minute intervals called rounds.

Boxing originated in India and has been traced as far back as the early 17th century. Today it is one of the most popular sports worldwide. Boxing is a fascinating sport, but even for those who train hard and develop their boxing skills, there are still many common mistakes you will want to avoid if you want to become a successful boxer.

I know that although I can’t show you how to do everything right from the start because nobody starts as an expert in this sport, I can teach you what not to do. Boxing is a tough sport and mistakes often have serious consequences if they go unnoticed by both the coaches and the fighters.

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Let’s Look At Some Of The Most Common Mistakes That Amateur Boxers Make:

7. Boxing With An Opponent Who Weighs More Than You

One mistake all boxing trainers should avoid is letting fighters box with opponents who outweigh them.


Although I’m not saying you should never engage in this type of activity if you want to become a good boxer, it will be much easier for you to learn how to perform certain moves and combinations when working with someone who’s your size or lighter than you are. Boxing only benefits the fighter in a situation when they don’t have to worry about the other guy’s weight and size.

This will help you understand the techniques better and gain the confidence needed to box with someone heavier than you. Boxing is all about punching without being punched so it really helps if your opponent’s punches won’t hurt as much, leaving more room for errors between the two of you.


6. Boxing without Proper Boxing Gloves.

Boxing gloves are around 6-10 oz in weight with most use ranging between 10 to 14 oz depending on the type of boxing you want to do (amateur or professional). Here’s why: Boxing gloves protect your hands, wrists and knuckles when they collide with your opponent’s body during a fight. Boxing gloves also protect your opponent’s body from the impact of falling on the ground if you happen to knock them out with a good punch.

Boxing without proper boxing gloves is not only dangerous for both fighters, but it will also make it much more difficult to learn and perfect punches and techniques because your hands and knuckles will be unprotected and more sensitive. Boxing gloves come in different shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose. Boxing with boxing gloves is the only way to go if you want to be a successful boxer.

5. Boxing without Head Protection

Head protection is extremely important for any fighter because it protects not only your head from getting hurt when punching your opponent but also from any type of blows you may receive. Boxing without head protection is a very common mistake made by rookie boxers who want to become successful in this sport.

Boxing without proper headgear can lead to serious injuries and even long term brain damage if the fighter does get punched hard enough. Boxing is a tough sport and boxing without proper headgear is even tougher. Boxing headgear is typically worn in training to help you get used to the impact of the punches when they hit your face.

4. Boxing with Painful Boxing Gloves 

Don’t let your boxing gloves cause you pain when punching your opponent or during training sessions.¬†

Painful Boxing gloves are undoubtedly one of the most common mistakes amateurs make when starting to learn boxing. Boxing gloves that cause pain can lead a fighter into a state of frustration which will be reflected in their performance on the ring and may cause them to quit entirely. Boxing gloves come in different shapes, sizes and prices so you should do some research before purchasing new boxing gloves.

Boxing amateurs often make the mistake of buying the cheapest boxing gloves available on sale or Boxing gloves that look cool and fancy but end up hurting their hands after a few rounds in the ring. Boxing is about learning how to punch and protect yourself with your fists, so make sure you use appropriate Boxing gloves which will help you achieve both goals.

3. Boxing without Sparring Partners.

Boxing is a contact sport and Boxing without any form of contact will not only limit your learning abilities but also your chances of becoming successful as a boxer. Boxing with sparring partners who have been boxing for some time is crucial if you really want to improve your skills and become good at this sport. I know that most Boxing clubs offer Boxing sparring sessions but the

Boxing trainers themselves are not Boxing experts and they don’t teach you Boxing techniques or Boxing strategies. Boxing without a good sparring partner is like trying to win a race with an anchor attached to your legs: it can be done but it will take ages and all that effort will go unnoticed by others.

Boxing training partners should be older than you and they should have Boxing experience to help you learn Boxing techniques and Boxing strategies. Boxing training partners will also push you harder than Boxing trainers during Boxing sparring sessions which will help you improve your Boxing skills much faster.

2. Not Taking Boxing Classes

Boxing classes are crucial if you want to become successful as a boxer. Boxing classes will help you learn Boxing techniques and Boxing strategies much faster than Boxing training by yourself. Boxing classes will push you harder than Boxing training with a partner and the Boxing trainers themselves are Boxing experts who know how to teach Boxing and how to become successful as a boxer themselves.

Boxing classes also provide an opportunity for socializing and meeting new people with the Boxing club which Boxing clubs offer. Boxing classes will take Boxing experience to a whole new level and whether you’re interested in becoming successful as a boxer or not, taking Boxing classes is one of the most important things you should do when starting out Boxing.

1. Not Learning Boxing Techniques and Boxing Strategies .

Learning how to box is crucial for Boxing beginners(go to the website). Boxing is a contact sport and Boxing without Boxing techniques and Boxing strategies will put you at a disadvantage from the very beginning of your Boxing experience.

Boxing skills include Boxing footwork, Boxing defense, Boxing punching power etc. Boxers who don’t know how to use their fists properly risk injuring themselves as well as injuring other people during sparring sessions. Boxing techniques and Boxing strategies take.

Boxing experience to a whole new level as you will learn how to protect yourself from harm as well as how to inflict it on others.

Learning Boxing techniques and Boxing strategies can be done by going through Boxing training manuals, watching Boxing videos online or even by simply asking Boxing trainers at the Boxing club where you train Boxing to show you Boxing techniques and Boxing strategies. Boxing skills will not only make Boxing easier but they also make Boxing fun.

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