How Much Is The Salary Of A Cardiologist in Australia

Imagine having a career where you get to help people every day. In this article, we’ll be going over some of the salary ranges and requirements of cardiologists in Australia. We all want to make sure that we can provide for our family while still doing a job we love. So let’s get started!

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Let’s first start with some basics on what a cardiologist exactly does. Cardiologists are medical professionals who focus on the heart, arteries, veins and blood flow of their patients. They aim to find out why there may be an issue within these systems, either through prescription medications or minimally invasive surgeries such as stenting and angioplasties.

They also work on treating conditions such as congestive heart failure and atrial fibrillation. Cardiology is a very serious profession where people risk their lives every day to make sure others are safe.

Salary Of A Cardiologist in Australia

First, we will discuss the salary of a cardiologist and then we will look at some possible future salaries. The following information is based on the state of Queensland, which has an average income of AU$65000 (which can be compared to other Australian states).

Most cardiologists start with a yearly income of $130,000 – AUD 210,000. After practising as a junior doctor for 2-3 years their yearly payment will be around AUD 150,000. With time they learn more skills and rise through the ranks to increase their pay gradually as well as secure better job positions and work experience.

The average salary for a senior heart specialist would be somewhere between $200,000 to AUD 350,000. The chief cardiologist would earn anything between $250,000 to AUD 400,000. However, the sky is the limit and some cardiologists earn above AU$500,000 per year.

After working for approximately 15 years as a heart specialist in Australia you should be earning somewhere around AUD 350,000 – which should increase each year with time according to your skills and experience. This salary can also vary depending on where exactly the Cardiologist will work (in a big city or small town).

It would be extremely difficult to find any newly graduated fresh graduate at this age without significant work experience who will be willing to accept less than AU$220,000 or AU$240,000 (a very high possibility of this number being much higher according to their work experience).

The following is an approximate yearly salary based on the above-mentioned state Queensland. This information should give you a general idea of what to expect when working as a Cardiologist in Australia


The site further lists out requirements to become one such as having at least five years of experience in your field before you begin working full-time as a cardiologist. You’ll also need an undergraduate degree and a medical degree (M.D.) of course, which takes about four years. 

Newly graduated fresh graduate (0 – 1 years experience): AUD 155,000 (might be higher depending on your university and other factors)

Senior heart specialist (3 – 5 years experience): AUD 200,000 +  (most likely more than this)

Heart Specialist Group Manager/Chief Of Department/Teaching position/Research fellow/Consultant (AUD 300,000+): After 6-10 years of working experience.

The median cardiology salary listed above is an impressive one and it’s quite clear why this career path is such a popular choice. Cardiology is a respected profession that helps people every day without them even knowing they’re being helped by one! We hope that this article provided some insight into what cardiologists do and what they can expect in terms of financial compensation. 






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