Ideas For Funeral Services

Ideas For Funeral Services

Each of us handles grief differently and we all grieve differently as well. What works for one person might not work for the next — but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tried and true practices as a starting point to help those who are grieving. It is meant as a jumping-off point, so please do not feel compelled to abide by these suggestions if they do not seem like they would be helpful to you during your time of loss.

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If you’re looking for some basic tips on how to best support yourself and others around you, we hope this article can give some ideas on where to start:

Remember that everyone will cope with their grief in different ways. Some may cry often or hardly at all, be highly emotional or stone-faced, wail or remain silent, talk through it all or refuse to speak about their loss. It is very normal for there to be no set pattern in how someone grieves.

Funeral services have been a part of every known society since the beginning of time. It is how tradition has taught us to deal with death in our society. There is no right or wrong way to handle the history of your loved one, it is different for everyone and there are many ways to celebrate someone’s life when they pass.

A traditional funeral service includes honorary speakers, music, urns or caskets surrounded by flowers and family photos. This might be the most common type of funeral service in today’s day and age but it doesn’t mean that it’s what you want for your loved one’s memory. Here are some ideas on how to make your next funerals unique to suit your loved one’s personality.

1. A “Thank you” Funeral

If your loved one was someone who always had to be thanked then this would be the perfect idea for their service. This is not only a great way to show appreciation towards them but also it can help you celebrate their life with family and friends, allowing everyone to say what they want about your loved one without fear of upsetting any other guests.

2. The Celebration Of Life

This requires some research on funeral homes in Bendigo so that you have options on where you can hold the ceremony, though ideally, it should be somewhere which holds special significance or meaning for your loved one. It is nice if the place has sentimental value but it just needs to be somewhere nice for everyone to meet and celebrate your loved one’s life.

The Celebration of Life can be all about family and friends coming together in an uplifting way to honour the memory of your loved one. It gives you a chance to share funny anecdotes or stories that nobody else may have heard before, however should only include happy remembrances as it is still a funeral service.

3. The Musical Tribute Service

This is often held at churches but any place where music is played would suffice such as small halls or community centres with proper acoustics. This type of funeral service is designed around playing the favourite songs of your loved one throughout the night accompanied by refreshments and memories shared amongst guests and family members and giving everyone a chance to dance, laugh and remember.

4. The Celebration Of Life Picnic

This is a great way to have a more casual funeral service, that doesn’t include all the traditional trappings of a church ceremony or large venue hire. A celebration picnic is a perfect idea for a laid back person, who was always cooking up a good barbecue! This includes everyone getting together at your favourite park or beach with food and drinks under the sun to toast to the memory of your loved ones from where they would have been happiest.

5. The Family Naming Ceremony

Many people find this idea helpful if you are grieving as it allows you time during the funeral service for someone close to saying all their wonderful qualities and reminds everyone present why they were so special. It is like having an extended eulogy for your loved one and it gives you a chance to celebrate them instead of mourning their passing, making it a much more positive experience overall.

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