Engagement Party Game Ideas

1. “Choose Your Favorite”

To play this game, have guests fill out index cards with their favourite colours, singer/band, movie, etc. Behind each future spouse’s back write two or three different answers for each question on a separate sheet of paper and put the sheets in a bowl.

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At random, choose one sheet from the bowl for each question. The couple will then answer all questions based on the sheet they were randomly assigned to. Once finished playing this game, display all responses you received on a wall or board where everyone can see them. This is an interesting way to know your friends better!

2. Mix & Match

This activity provides numerous laughs when guests are asked to match up male/female couples according to similar traits. You can pair up guests based on height, hair colour, hometown, occupation, favourite foods and a variety of other options.

3. Couple Costume

This game is for those who want to laugh at the party but also show how much they love each other! Before the party starts ask each guest to bring a costume that will match their partner’s costume. Ask your guests to arrive dressed as a couple without letting the bride and groom know what their costumes are until it’s time to play!

For example: If one person dresses as Harry Potter and his match comes wearing Hogwarts robes you two would be matched! Or if someone dresses like Elvis Presley and her match dresses as Priscilla Presley you would be matched together as well!

There are endless costume possibilities that guests can think of. This game is always entertaining to play and creates lasting memories for the bride and groom as they try to figure out what costumes you all decided on!

4. Truth or Dare?

This is a classic party game where the guest has to perform certain dare tasks based on whether they chose ‘truth’ or ‘dare’. Some easy truth questions could include: What’s your mom’s maiden name? Where did you go on your first date with your partner?

What was your childhood pet’s name? Some easy dares could include: Dance like no one is watching for 30 seconds, Kiss the person sitting next to you, Find someone who doesn’t know each other and do 5 jumping jacks in front of them!

5. “What If…?”

To play this game, first, have the bride and groom write down a list of questions for their future spouse to answer. Things like: What do you think will be our biggest fight? What’s your dream honeymoon/vacation? Where would we go on our last day together as a couple if we could choose anywhere in the world? How long is too long to stay away from each other?

Once finished writing these questions place them in separate envelopes and give one envelope with question sheets to each person at the party. Gather everyone into a group and ask everyone (including bride and groom) to choose an envelope that contains their future spouse’s question sheet.

The person with the question sheet will choose someone in the group to read their questions out loud. Once they are finished reading, everyone else can give input on what they think would be a good answer for each question. This game is very funny because you get to learn more about your friends and have fun at the same time!

6. Groom Trivia

This game is not recommended if the bride does not want her to groom embarrassed or upset lol! You can play this game by either having guests write down trivia questions or buy/download pre-made trivia sheets of questions that usually relate to the groom’s life. Examples include: Who was your best man?

What was your high school mascot? Where did you meet your partner? When did you first fall in love with them? Who are your best friends? What was your childhood pet’s name? Where did you go on your first date? This game is always fun because it can lead to both serious and funny moments!

7. Blurt!

To play this game, the bride and groom will write down a list of words (5-10 each) on slips of paper and place them in separate envelopes. Then give one envelope to each person at the party. Have everyone stand in a circle or sit around a table and then ask certain people (including bride and groom) to pick an envelope containing their future spouse’s special word(s).

After they open up their envelope and pull out the slip paper all guests (including bride and groom) can blurt out as many words as they want that fits the word(s). If a person gets their special word right at any time during the game, pull another slip from the other envelope and play again.

The first person to get their partner’s word(s) wins! You all will laugh throughout this whole game because it will be a bit competitive! As you can see there are several different games you can choose to play at your engagement party.

These all make for great ice-breakers when people don’t know each other very well, but they also create lasting memories of the bride and groom’s future spouse! Have fun with it; try not to take yourself too seriously. Planning an engagement party is hard work, especially planning engagement party games, and you and your future spouse will remember the friends who helped make it fun!






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