What Is a Parts Tumbler?

A parts tumbler is an effective way to polish and clean metal parts. The machine has six or eight sides and uses abrasive media to polish the object’s surface. These machines can be used for a variety of tasks, including removing rust and deburr. They are also a cost-effective way to polish and clean metal parts.

Mass Finishing Process Explained

A parts tumbler is a great tool to keep around, and can be purchased for hundreds of dollars. These tumblers work by creating friction between metal parts and the media. These tumblers can be used for dry or wet deburring. Both types of tumblers produce the same type of deburring action, by creating friction between the metal parts and the media.

A parts tumbler is typically used for deburring and polishing metal parts. They are available in both rotary and vibratory models, and are used in a variety of industries. From aerospace to automobiles, these parts tumblers are used to clean engine pistons, transmission splines, and other parts. They are also used in construction, fasteners, and tiles.

The parts of a tumbler include the barrel, bearings, and idler shaft. A tumbler’s barrel may also come with a rubber roller or bearing. Replacement parts are available from manufacturers such as Sears, Chicago Electric, and Northern.






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