Choosing Caster Wheels

Caster Wheels

Caster Wheels

The first thing to consider when selecting caster wheels is the load-bearing capacity. This will help you choose the right casters for your specific application. Learn more

If you want to carry loads that will be heavier than typical, then you need a caster with a greater load capacity. This will help ensure the caster is able to bear the weight and still have a smooth roll.

Another important consideration when choosing a caster is the material and dimensions of the wheel. This will influence how easily it moves, how durable it is and how much noise it makes.

Choosing the right wheel will also affect how well it rolls on soft and hard surfaces. For example, if the caster is going to be used on a linoleum floor then it needs to be made of a rubber or polyurethane to roll smoothly and with little friction.

Why Caster Wheels Are Essential for Furniture Mobility

A softer rubber is better if you are using it on a rough or uneven surface. These casters will also be easier to start rolling and are not as prone to flats.

Some of the casters have double wheels which is beneficial because it can help reduce weight and the number of bearings required. This can make the caster more efficient and less costly to use.

A good quality caster is made of a material that can handle high temperatures and extreme weather conditions. This is especially important if you are working in an environment that is exposed to water or chemicals.






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