Keep Your Bathroom Looking Beautiful With EnduroShield

We can help you keep your bathroom looking beautiful for years to come with our glass shower doors and mirrors that are treated with EnduroShield. This easy clean coating helps reduce cleaning time and frequency so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

How long does EnduroShield last?

The protective coating is made with non-toxic and environmentally friendly ingredients, so it’s safe to apply to new or existing surfaces. Once applied it stops contaminants, such as grime, soap scum, limescale and etching, from soaking into the surface. Instead, they bead up on the top of the surface making for an easier cleaning solution.

Unlike other products that simply coat the surface, EnduroShield creates a chemical bond with the glass that sheds water and repels it. This makes it far superior to most other products in both effectiveness and lifespan. This technology was originally developed for the aviation industry and is a similar process to what is used on jet windshields.

It’s suitable for a wide range of surfaces including glass shower screens, bathroom mirrors and glass splashbacks, as well as porcelain basins and kitchen and laundry splashbacks. It also works well on roof lights, where it can be used to reduce maintenance and re-glazing costs for skylights that are often difficult to reach. A single application of the product lasts more than three years and can be easily maintained with the use of a regular vinegar / water solution or mild detergents.






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