Hot & Sexy Anime To Watch (Ranked)

hot anime

Hot anime is so appealing to many people due to its visual appeal. The fights, romance and the beautiful women all look a lot better than what you see in TV or movies. But this also means that there is a lot of fan service in anime which might get a little too much for some. But don’t worry because MyAnimeGuru brings you a list of 14+ Best Hot & Sexy Anime To Watch (Ranked).

The first entry on our list is the gorgeous and sexy monster girl from Monster Musume. This young woman is not only a beauty with her heavenly curves but she has a strong and determined personality that can be seen in the way she treats other people. Her passion, love and care for others makes her stand out from other characters in the show as well as making her one of the most hot anime girls.

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Another one of the sexiest anime girls is Rangiku from Bleach. She has a beautiful face, a great figure and a pretty sexy body that can make any man melt. Her fierce fighting skills and feisty attitude make her stand out from other character in the show as well.

The sexy and hot anime ‘Air Gear’ is a great example of a show that has a good balance of ecchi and hentai scenes. The show has a lot of steamy and mild nude scenes that can keep fans of the genre hooked.






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